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FreightLabs Technology

We have all heard that artificial intelligence, or AI (In Simple Words Technology), is the wave of the future and that almost all markets and industries have already embraced it. Automation, robotics, data analytics, and blockchain are a few examples.

There is still so much to discover from AI, and PortLeads, an organization known for developing cutting-edge technology products and services to the marine industry, is now a pioneer in the field. PortLeads are the pioneers of FreightLabs Technology, a new innovation in the maritime business that combines the power of AI with Data Analytics.

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PortLeads is an AI based business intelligence platform, backed up with a US patent application technology with a revolutionary freight calculator for more than 100 countries globally and other unique online services used by 1 Million shipping users every year including cargo owners, ship owners, ship managers, ship operators, brokers, land transporters, clearing agents, ship agents & other maritime companies to achieve long-term business relationship through direct connection with intended counterpart Read More

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